Why Our Programme?

The KYB Programme has already proven to be a success. This is what we’ve achieved so far with our childhood development programme:

  • Weight and height figures showed a distinct improvement in the proportion of healthy children from 48% to 92%.
  • 13 crèches are now registered and receiving subsidies
  • 18 day mothers are trained and 108 children in informal communities now have access to ECD services and psycho-social support services
  • Our Developmental Milestones Tool provides us with baseline information on child cognitive development for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.
  • The Day Mother Model has created 18 jobs, enabling more households to have access to basic income.
  • We have facilitated the development and adoption of a Sedibeng ECD Policy, which provides a conducive environment for expanding the KYB programme to the rest of the district.
  • Through advocating for children, ECD is now firmly on the municipality’s agenda. In fact, they will shortly be scaling up access to ECD across all wards using the Day Mother model. A unit focusing on ECD has been established in the municipality, and one of their objectives is to review policies to ensure sustainability of the ECD programme.

Through the work we’ve already done, we know that an innovative approach to childhood development doesn’t have to be expensive. The resources already exist within the community – it’s just a matter of coordinating them correctly.

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