Case Studies

Here’s what the KYB Programme is achieving:

 “The course has improved my centre a lot. Everything is up to date, and the children are now developing correctly.”

- Regina Lekoro, Tebohong Day Care & Pre-School

 “In previous years before the training, we were doing things that we thought were helpful in our children’s development but they weren’t. Since working with the Hollard Foundation, our children have now grown up and developed holistically. For example, normally we were giving them food that we thought was best. But when the nutrition officer came in, she introduced us to the types of food that are recommended for children.”

- Linah Mqwati, Leratong ECD

 “Since I’ve been on this ECD course, my centre has improved. There is now so much development going on, and the children are learning a lot. I’m now also able to choose activities that are age appropriate, which is important. If you’re in ECD, you should know which activities are suitable for which age.”

- Kgopotso Mabokela, Agape Creche & Pre-School

 “I learnt that children have to listen to you for them to do whatever it is you want them to do. I’ve also learnt that we should not talk over the noise to get their attention – so it’s one skill I’m now going to use in my classroom.”

- Petunia Muntshu, Lakeside Eastate

 “We appreciate the KYB project, because it’s bringing a different dimension to existing projects within the education system. It’s also a one-of-a-kind programme as it focuses specifically on Grade R – getting children ready when they are very small and then working with them from there.”

- Marieta Miller, Department of Education

 “When we started off, the teachers we were training lacked confidence. No one wanted to stand up and take their role as a teacher. Now that they’ve graduated, they’re showing confidence, their vocabulary has improved, and they always go the extra step. We’ve shown them that anything is possible – you just have to work hard at it.”

- Sonia Desa, Lecturer, North West

“There has been tremendous improvement in the day mothers and teachers in terms of confidence and self esteem. Because their background was quite limited in terms of education, this programme has allowed them to acquire skills to help develop young children.”

-Tarisai Kadungure, Engaging Parents Organisation, Social Worker

“I’m feeling very excited, because now, after the training, the children in my crèche are stimulated to learn, rather than just being fed and looked after. I’m very excited.”

- Edith Gongo, Engaging Parents Organization