Becoming a Partner

Whether you’re a South African municipality or in the private sector, we’re interested in partnering with you. This is why you should consider it:

1: It's an investment

Everyone in this country, whether they’re in government or private sector, knows that we need to invest in our children.

2: We have a track record

We can prove that we’ve provided real value and produced lasting change.

3: Economies of scale

By working with us, you can achieve economies of scale that helps your funding go further.

4: Social dividends

You'll have the benefit of knowing you’re contributing to the upliftment of children, while improving numeracy and literacy.

5: We're unique

No other organisation in South Africa is using baselines to create child wellbeing indicators that are based on thorough research.

6: We don't simply "throw money at the problem"

This is because we believe that lack of money isn’t the problem, a lack of leadership is. We find champions in the community and empower them to do invaluable work.

7: It's sustainable

When we’re satisfied with what we’ve achieved, we leave the community to continue the work themselves. Our ultimate aim is for municipalities to put ECD into their IDPs and to be fully accountable for the programme.

8: We understand how government works

If you’re in the private sector, you may have funded ECD programmes but none of them have been linked to local municipalities. We can give real insight into government policies, legislation and processes, and can help you build, nurture and navigate these relationships.